Exquisite Corpse

4.8 ( 3308 ratings )
Fotoğraf ve Video Eğlence
Geliştirici: Justin Randall Smith
0.99 USD

Exquisite Corpse is a entertaining photo app that lets you merge photos into interesting and unique image that you can save or email.

Based on the surrealest drawing game, Exquisite Corpse divides your screen into three panes that each hold a separate picture that combine into one seamless image, called a Corpse.

The app comes preloaded with a selection of photos that you can use. Add photos of friends and family directly from the app or choose any of your favorite photos from your photo library.

Each picture can be resized or moved to create the most interesting final image. Previous pictures are kept in a horizontally scrolling view so they can be easily swapped in and out.

You can copy and paste images from one pane to the other and a mix button allows you to quickly creates a random and unique image.